An Interview with Cherie White


How did you begin your interest in design?

I think I’ve always needed to have an artistic outlet, as a child I would have been constantly drawing everything around me and became interested in sewing as a teenager. As well as being glued to The Clothes Show every Sunday afternoon, especially fashion week specials. As an adult I became interested in the technical side of making and found that costume in theatre and film/TV was the perfect place to combine that skill and the love of watching characters come to life. I would say it was through working on period productions that I fell in love with vintage underpinnings, my start has been a very practical hands on approach. From getting to make beautiful clothes with luxurious fabrics, to dressing cast and seeing how they work. I love the way a piece of cloth when it is  cut and draped the right way can transform the person inside. 

What’s your practice like? Do you work from a studio or are you based at home?

My daily practice is between home and a studio in town, it all depends on where I am in the process as to where the best place to be is.

What artists/designers have inspired you over time?

Vivienne Westwood was probably one of the first and over the years Gautier, Commes des Garçon, Alexander McQueen, Galliano and of course Chanel and Dior through to performance artist Leigh Bowery who’s crazy imagination always gets me excited. 

Tell us about the last collection you created and the inspiration behind it?

The last collection I created was for street spectacle theatre company Macnas in October 2017. Even thought I have 17 years experience designing and making this will be my first personal collection under the name Vintage Desire Boutique. I’m very excited to finally bring a dream that has been bubbling away for a while to reality, 1930’s lingerie and Art Deco architecture have been the inspiration for this collection.


Tell us about your process and how you take an idea and transform it into a finished piece? 

I’m very much a process based designer, as in my approach usually starts off with a fabric that inspired me. I love working directly on the mannequin, drapping and shaping around the form. Understanding the properties of the fabric. Then I sketch to refine the idea, which leads me onto pattern drafting and making prototypes of the garments. This way you see if there are still aspects that need to be refined. for this collection I have been drawn to silk and satin, but I also love working with leather and I fully expect that to creep in too.

What are your next steps with your brand?

I’m still at the beginning stages of this, so developing a social media presence and working on the website are the next steps for me. 

What connections do you have to other designers and how do you feel about collaboration?

As an artist I have collaborated many times in the theatre world and always enjoy and always enjoy and appreciate the connection you make and how the work grows through honest communication and an openness to share and learn. As for my own work, well I’m only just starting to bring this to life so this is my baby right now. Let’s see what the future holds. 

If you could only choose one piece of design, what would it be?

I honestly can’t choose one piece of design…The world is full of amazing creativity.

Tell us a highlight from your career?

I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to travel and work with wonderful people. I think getting to work in Austin Texas in 2016 with Macnas and bring magic to the streets will always be something I’ll never forget. But right now being part of the S/S 2018 fashion showcase and starting on this new journey is a very big personal highlight and one I’m bursting with excitement about 


Cherie White is one of the featured designers in the Galway Designers S/S Fashion Showcase ’18

First Show starts @ 5.30pm
Doors open 5pm
Interval @ 6.15pm – TheDirty Circus Performance
Second Show @ 6.45pm

There will be a Pop-Up Prosecco Bar provided for your refreshment

After the show, you are invited to join the ‘Afterparty’ for some cocktails above in the Tribeton Bar.

Tickets are €12 and can be purchased from Tribeton or from the Galway Designers Studio House, located in the Cornstore Mall.

They can also be purchased on the door for €15
Limited standing tickets available on the door for €7

Tickets get you a seat with goodie bag and 20% discount off any Tribeton food purchases

Limited Tickets Available!

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