An Interview with Marie Goggins


How did you begin your interest in design?

I’ve always had an interest in design, and I had an opportunity a couple of years ago to explore my interest in fashion. I did a few dressmaking  courses in Dublin, hosted by Roisin Cross Silks (RCS) that were taught by some of Ireland’s leading designers for Wedding Dresses. Some of my classmates designed knitwear and handbags. One of the attendees recommended Lina Stein’s international Millinery School located on the doorstep of Westport. I contacted Lina and everything took off  from there.

What’s your practice like? Do you work from a studio or are you based at home?

I am based at home and was fortunate to be turn my hobby room into a more dedicated and focused workspace.

What artists/designers have inspired you over time?

Inspiration comes from the nature around me, catwalk trends, historic fashion plates and classic movies 1930’s-1950’s. Classic designers such as Givenchy, YSL are a great source for generating new ideas. Exploring the RCS fabric showrooms is great firming up ideas on colour and fabric choices. Judith is great on suggesting colour combinations.


Tell us about your process and how you take an idea and transform it into a finished piece?

I tend to play around a little with an idea, decide how it will be attached, test materials on a shape, prepare base or frame, constantly checking the emerging piece in the mirror until it is fully finished. I am a big fan of having pieces fully hand stitched, it would be extremely rare for me to use glue instead of hand stitching.

What materials are you most drawn to working with?

I work with sinamay, buckram, felt, sisal, tressa braids, esparterie, leather, thermoplastics to develop the foundation shape. I love working with silk, the finish is truly sumptuous. In addition to freeform pieces I enjoy working with blocks. I recently started collaborating with Colman of C G Hat blocks ( in Co. Galway on some bespoke  new and exciting fascinator and hat shapes.


Marie is one of the featured designers in the Galway Designers S/S Fashion Showcase ’18.

First Show starts @ 5.30pm
Doors open 5pm
Interval @ 6.15pm – TheDirty Circus Performance
Second Show @ 6.45pm

There will be a Pop-Up Prosecco Bar provided for your refreshment

After the show, you are invited to join the ‘Afterparty’ for some cocktails above in the Tribeton Bar.

Tickets are €12 and can be purchased from Tribeton or from the Galway Designers Studio House, located in the Cornstore Mall.

They can also be purchased on the door for €15
Limited standing tickets available on the door for €7

Tickets get you a seat with goodie bag and 20% discount off any Tribeton food purchases


Limited Tickets Available!

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