Designer Profiles: Dandydoll Fashion | A/W’17 Showcase

Here at the Galway Designer’s Network, we would like you all to get to know our designers a little better. This is the ninth installment in a series of blog posts relating to the designers who will be taking part in the upcoming A/W’17 Showcase in Tribeton on September 9th. Keep an eye out on the blog and on our social media channels over the next week and get to know our designers before the Big Day.

Esther Chidi Ikegwuruka – Dandydoll Fashion

Aay Kay Photography

What sparked your interest with fashion & millinery?

My fashion interest was sparked by my mum who was a fashion designer. I had the privilege of working and running errands for her as a young girl, from passing her the threads to taking down of her client’s measurements. I would make dresses with papers and head wraps to match. I became more interested after I came to Ireland years ago and couldn’t get anyone to make my outfits, so I decided to get myself a sewing machine to make most of my outfits till date. 

Mick Russell Photography

Are you self taught or did you study fashion design? 

Being around my mum as a young girl really helped me learn the basics skills I need for today in fashion and designing. I never really studied fashion designing as a course. 

Mick Russell Photography

What made you take your talent more seriously and want make a career out of it?

I’ve always been a fashion lover. I like to stand out in my designs. I get a lot of compliments on daily basis. I have a huge passion for fashion and I am really looking forward to carving a niche for myself in the fashion industry.


What is your aesthetic?

I love elegance. I love print fabrics, feathers, trimmings and unusual laces. I source and wear a lot of them for weddings and classy events. The end result of mixing both fabrics make me want to do more.


What are you fascinated by at the moment and how does it feed into your work?

My collections are created with my local materials and flowers. My hats are made out of different fabrics from my country and it can be worn in so many ways. I am fascinated at the moments with different designs especially from the just concluded Races in Galway and abroad. The designs are mind blowing and really inspiring.


How has your work evolved since you began your own label?

As a young fashion designer, I practice on daily basis to develop myself. I push myself to try out new and different things, and I am looking forward to creating more classy pieces.

Mick Russell Photography

What is the biggest lesson that you have learned since you started your company?

To believe in myself and trust my intuition. Learn from others who are good in the field and never lose focus.

Timothée Cognard Photography

Describe your creative process.

I create my pieces from what I have in mind and with a twist as I start to create. I love that my pieces that can be styled in different ways and worn several times.

Timothée Cognard Photography

How do you get unstuck creatively?

I rarely do but I find I switch off, I go shopping and watch some movies, chat with my kids or with that one friend who cracks me up.

Timothée Cognard Photography

What questions do you ask yourself before you begin any design project?

I take a very good look at the fabric and design. What can I come up with? Will it compliment the body? Do I need to add any accessories to enhance the style? 

Timothée Cognard Photography

How do you stay organized when trying to design and create while balancing family or other work related responsibilities?

One is never organised when creating anything, especially with kids around; doing the laundry and running down to the shops for quick groceries. There has to be a balance.

Timothée Cognard Photography

How do you feel about the current state if the fashion industry?

Just do your best to be the best you can. The industry is big enough for everyone.


Where do you see your brand expanding to?

I am currently working from home. I hope to see my brand go globally.

Aay Kay Photography

What advice would you give to young designers?

Believe you can and you will. Set a standard and be passionate.


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Esther will be taking part in the GDN A/W Showcase on September 9th in Tribeton. There will be 3 individual showcases throughout the day:

Jewellery Design at 2pm

Millinery at 4pm

Clothing Design at 6pm.

Tickets for individual shows are priced at €15, or grab yourself a bundle ticket for €35 and spend the day in Tribeton, where you can enjoy 20% off all food all day or shop the Pop Up Market featuring all of the designers collections.  Your ticket will entitle you to a glass of prosecco, a goodie bag specific to the show and a front row seat.  If you want to get your hands on a ticket, go online via or head directly to Tribeton. There will also be a limited amount of standing tickets available for each show, but you must register your interest via prior to September 9th.


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