An Interview with Patrycja

I’ve started my adventure with soutache in 2014…


How did you begin your interest in design?

I’ve started my adventure with soutache in 2014, and the year after I became a mom. Because of many reasons, I couldn’t go back to work and it was terribly irritating that I had nothing to do besides dealing with the house and kid. The role of a housewife didn’t suit me well. So I decided with my friend, that we open a small business based on local Irish markets with handmade things. Again I tried many techniques, among other loom beading which I have come back to after a long time. The idea of working together died very quickly but I’m still here.
I thought soutache was something that I wanted to try, but I was afraid that the time it took would discourage me, so I ordered just a few meters of cord, some beads and I looked for tutorials and just began sewing. At first, I was basing it on tutorials available on the network and copied the patterns that I liked, (I’m sorry for all victims, most of these pieces have been recycled) but I quickly came to the conclusion that this was not the way for me. I started to design my own compositions, always creating something new. It’s very rare for me to copy my pieces because the monotony bores me terribly.
I love soutache so much today and more than three years later, I cannot imagine a day without a needle and thread in hand. I have so many ideas that it is enough to keep me occupied over the next few years of very hard work.

What’s your practice like? Do you work from a studio or are you based at home?
I’m working at home. I have another job so I’m catching every single minute to create something new.
What artists/designers have inspired you over time?
I didn’t have any proper inspiration from other artists or designers to begin with. When I started my journey, I just saw a few pictures on Pinterest and decided to try it out. Later I found Dori Csengeri, which is funny because she’s the first ever person working with soutache and using it to make jewellery. It does not change the fact that my style is completely different. After a period of learning, I never tried to imitate anyone but I can say that I am still looking for my path as a designer. Hence, experiments, learning new techniques and continuous learning are all a part of it.
thumbnail__PMG0581 kopia
Tell us about the last collection you created and the inspiration behind it?
The collection that I last created is inspired by specific colors, specifically ultra violet and peacock colors. Of course, black with rainbow colors could not be missing from this too.
I try to follow my imagination, therefore every piece will be completely different.
Tell us about your process and how you take an idea and transform it into a finished piece?
I am quite meticulous when it comes to design. I spend a day to design a few times in a month. I sit with a sketchpad in the morning and set a goal, for example: 20 necklace designs. I stay focused until I realize it. Usually, after such a design session,
I have 2-4 good ideas to implement.
The next point is the preparation of materials, that is, searching for matching strings, beads and all the stuff I need. At the end I can sit with a thread and needle and focus only on what I do. Often my works evolve during the creative process, which is an advantage for me.
What materials are you most drawn to working with?
Soutache cord and beads. But last days I started some experiments with copper.
 What are your next steps with your brand?
Change of name as I think.
thumbnail__PMG2646 kopia

You can find more of Patrycja’s work on her facebook.

Patrycja  is one of the featured designers in the Galway Designers S/S Fashion Showcase ’18

First Show starts @ 5.30pm
Doors open 5pm
Interval @ 6.15pm – TheDirty Circus Performance
Second Show @ 6.45pm

There will be a Pop-Up Prosecco Bar provided for your refreshment

After the show, you are invited to join the ‘Afterparty’ for some cocktails above in the Tribeton Bar.

Tickets are €12 and can be purchased from Tribeton or from the Galway Designers Studio House, located in the Cornstore Mall.

They can also be purchased on the door for €15
Limited standing tickets available on the door for €7

Tickets get you a seat with goodie bag and 20% discount off any Tribeton food purchases

Limited Tickets Available!

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