Looking ahead to AW’17

AW17-Fashion-Trends-1920x1080photo by: Marie Claire magazine

As designers, we constantly have to look ahead, to think about our next collections, always looking for inspiration. The fashion world is always one step ahead of everyone else, always looking to the next seasons style, before we have even worn the current seasons trends!

Designers, especially independent ones, don’t always necessarily (have to) follow trends or what’s ahead, but we want to show some of what we feel are the significant styles which we can look at, and be aware of, and perhaps incorporate some of it into our own inspiration.

Autumn/ Winter ’17 seems to very much be focused on a folksy, 70’s – esque vibe, with lots of floral patterns, peasant skirts and dresses. Big glamorous faux fur collars, subtly flared jeans, and cowboy boots were also on the catwalks, along with floaty bows and lots of ruffles. Yet there is also a nod to an 80’s element, with the power suit coming back into play. Perhaps because we are at a point of rebuilding businesses, working hard and feeling powerful in what we wear can help to achieve this? Just a thought…


photo by: trendzoom.com

I was very much drawn to the look above, from trendzoom.com, a blouse, but with stand-out balloon sleeves; it’s Awesome!  What we love about design, is that fact that you can play with concepts, and turn them into something that you feel comfortable with designing / wearing, taking an idea and trend and turning it into your own version and style.

Whatever your style or design inspiration, there is no right or wrong way to create. We all have our unique way of expressing our vision, and fashion has many layers, like any artistic discipline. We like to provide a bit of what we love, what inspires us, and hopefully it can help a bit on your own artistic journeys…  Happy Designing to you all 🙂

Gayle xxx


Photo credits:

-Marie Claire Magazine



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